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Powder Village Condominiums
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About Us

Welcome to Powder Village Condominiums
Our community is located in the beautiful resort destination of Sunriver, Oregon. Our complex is comprised of 88 individually owned condominiums which consist of studios, one-bedroom, and two bedroom units. While many of our owners live on-site year round, others use their units as a second or vacation home. Some owners choose to rent their units out to short term or long-term tenants. While all units are individually owned, all residents- owners as well as visitors and tenants are legally obligated to abide by our governing documents which include the following:
Powder Village is a smoke-free community. Smoking is prohibited in ALL outdoor and indoor areas of the property, including, but not limited to: inside owners’ units, unit decks and patios, all walkways, open spaces, parking lots, office, laundry room, restroom, and pool/spa enclosure. Smoking is not allowed inside vehicles parked on the property. Subjecting other residents to drifting secondhand smoke at any time within Powder Village property is prohibited. Our Bylaws state, “No noxious (physically harmful to living things) or offensive activity shall be carried on in any unit or in the common elements and specifically ban all smoking. Smokers must leave Powder Village property to smoke and violators will be fined.
All animals on the property must belong to a unit owner and be registered with the board of directors. Owners must clearly display their pet permit when on the property. NO renters or visitors- long term or short term may keep a pet at Powder Village, or permit a pet onto Powder Village Property to visit.
Powder Village pool and spa are reserved exclusively for Powder Village owners, tenants, and their guests. All persons entering the pool enclosure must use the designated key assigned to their unit. To prevent unauthorized users from accessing our facilities, persons inside the gated pool area are prohibited from opening the gate for others outside their party.
A. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
B. Glass of any kind is NOT permitted inside the fenced pool/spa area.
C. All Pets are prohibited from entering the inside of the fenced pool/spa area.
D. Children who are not toilet trained must wear waterproof swim diapers.
E. Pets may not be tethered outside the fenced area, or anywhere else in the common areas.
F. Hours of operation are posted and must be adhered to.